May holidays 2018. Morocco. Hollywood, Sahara, surfing!

Morocco – one of the countries of Northern Africa. Distance up to it through Gibraltar Strait is small, but these 15 kilometers will take us for centuries ago. You will be surprised when first see – the historical center of Moroccan cities, riads, Kasbah, Berber settlements like scenes from the history book appear in front of you, or snake charmers as they were in a fairy tale.
Here goats graze on trees, and round Sahara desert camels roam freely. Atlantic Ocean, which is on the western coast, gives possibility to surf and gorgeous sunsets!

Here as seeds are selling snails, sweet orange fresh juice you can drink in liters, there are tangerines, figs, olives, delicious Moroccan sardines and other seafood. You can buy souvenirs, leather goods, spices, sweets, argan oil and everything for affordable prices!

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